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Beau and Brothers

been soooo busy to blog.  between work, wedding planning, Fleabag shoots, volunteering, and trying to get back into shape…there’s really not much time for anything else. except for a mani/pedi. theres always time for those.  anyway, i wanted to sneak in this blog post to share our shoot with Beau (chihuahua mix) and his brothers, Harley (beagle mix), Pooka (kitty/man of the house), and Sashimi (betta fish).

Beau was a dog I met a couple of years ago while volunteering at (the worst) animal “rescue” i’ve ever experienced.  Yes, I’ll call them out - The Pet Adoption Fund in Canoga Park.  They call themselves the largest no-kill shelter in SoCal. Thats only because they have a hoarding problem and dont try even a quarter as hard to place their pets like many other rescues do. The no-kill part is actually even sadder cause a lot of these animals have been rotting there for months/years and rarely get to come out.  (i.e. my Scottie bear that I adopted from there whom they claimed was there for 2 months, but I found out later was there for over 2 years…in a tiny cage..just him and his feces…all day everyday).  Sad, right? Volunteers are what makes this place strive, not the people that run it. 

ANYWAY! i always get heated when i think of this place so i’ll get back to my story and make it short and sweet.  I laid eyes on Beau and fell in love. he was scared shitless of strangers and looked so depressed, but you could tell he had a whole lotta love to give. so i made arrangements to foster Beau just to get him out of that craphole. Through some networking, i was able to find him a foster mommy.  His very kind foster mom eventually fell in love too and decided to keep him.  yay! despite some health problems (under control) Beau is now living the sweet life that he long deserved. 

Here he is mesmerized by his brother Harley’s butt:

and a few more of the boys…

Thank you to Beau’s mommy for having us over, but most of all all..for giving Beau a forever home!